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Our focus is on helping you grow your business.

Censea Accounting & Business Solutions is a Canadian-based bookkeeping firm that uses a data-driven approach to create financial fitness for small to medium-sized businesses.

About Us

Censea Accounting & Business Solutions is a Canadian-based bookkeeping firm dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve financial fitness. As a data-driven company, we believe in providing the same level of quality financial advice and support that larger businesses receive. Our founder, Jennifer Walsh, has been nominated for Bookkeeper of the Year and brings over two decades of experience to our team.


Accreditations and Partnerships

We are proud members of CPB Canada, the certifying body for professional bookkeepers, and hold advanced certifications as QuickBooks Pro Advisors and Xero Bronze Partners. In addition, we are partners with DEXT and have Pure Bookkeeping certification. These partnerships and certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence and staying up-to-date with industry advancements.

Our Values and Commitment

At Censea, we prioritize timeliness, accuracy, and integrity. We understand the importance of delivering error-free work and maintaining ethical practices. We hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes and ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

Alyssa Schmidt Client

Jennifer Walsh at Censea is a wonderful and very knowledgeable woman! She helped my husband and I with our taxes and gave us advice.

She is extremely kind-hearted, very reliable and flexible! She was even willing to meet us on a Sunday!! Absolutely dedicated and easy to work with. She really broke down all aspects and explained certain topics to make sure we weren’t in the dark. We will most definitely be using her in the future and highly recommend to anyone her services!

Sean Shore Capital Assessments Inc.

Professional service and on budget. While these are the key factors in any business solution, it is always above and beyond when they are accompanied by an open and kind demeanor. Capital Assessment will certainly be a repeat client.

Alex Kos Skyline Tax & Accounting Services

Jennifer is a tremendously dedicated and talented accountant. The level of professionalism she displays is unparalleled and shows through her work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a few projects, and her role was instrumental in the success of each one. Not only were the clients satisfied, but the CRA was too. Making each side happy can be a daunting task, but Jennifer does it well.

Any business owner who is struggling most likely doesn’t have proper bookkeeping and procedures in place. Calling Jennifer should be the first thing to do. Every business has profited on their investment in her, and continue to do. Any business owner who is serious about growing should consider Jennifer as a prime contact.

Daniel Morrow Serenity Financial

Jennifer is very talented and knowledgeable when it comes to her craft. I have had the pleasure of working close to her for some time now. From her gentle and caring personality, to her ability and willingness to get the job done well (and right the first time), she is an asset to any entrepreneur or business owner.

I highly recommend giving her a call, giving her a chat to see how she can benefit you and your business with her accounting expertise

Michael Lindenbach Calgary Trusted Cleaners

Censea is absolutely great. For one main reason = Jennifer Walsh!!!!! You are not only getting great accounting and book keeping services. You are getting a commitment from an amazing and passionate woman who cares about you as a client. Jennifer treats you like a person not just a client. Thank you Jennifer for being so passionate about your clients.

Dwain Orr Strategic Tax & Business Solutions

I have been working with Jennifer a while and her work has been nothing less of exemplary.

Our firm believes that Bookkeeping is the foundation of ANY business and knowing that Jennifer is working on a job makes it easy in getting the books through the process makes it easier to work with.

Because of her training and being a Certified Bookkeeper, she is fast, concise and knows what needs to be done. Weather it is a shoe-box of receipts, a complicated set of books or ledger. She knows exactly what to do.


Let's Work Together

Our Team and Culture

Our team is dedicated to creating a positive work environment where praise and thoughtful mentorship are valued. We believe in providing constructive feedback and showing appreciation for our team members' hard work. This nurturing culture allows us to deliver top-notch services to our clients and help them make informed business decisions.